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 The Toolbox is a parenting book of a new breed. It takes the metaphor of creating a toolbox full of tools and applies it to developing the parenting skills needed to effectively raise their teen. The book is spread out over 12 chapters, each one building on this metaphor. In the first chapters, the book discusses the appropriateness of this book and how parents can use it successfully. The rest of the book builds upon opening the toolbox and using each “tool” [i.e., the level, the oil, the wrench] to develop an efficient set of parenting skills and how to cope with the issues that arise in parenting teens. The last chapter explains how a parent can use the skills developed in this book to help their teens build their own toolbox.  Click Here for full review  TheParenting

A valuable book by Karren Garrity is appropriately named, The Tool Box: Tricks of the Trade for Raising Teenagers. Even though Garrity wrote this book to help those working with teens, the relationship building advice works for three-year-olds or 103-year-olds.
Click Here for full review  Maren Schmidt, M.Ed., Author and Educator

Great Book for Parents
Finally a simple yet interesting and informative book for parents of teenagers! As a social worker I work with mostly teens and their parents, and have been recommending this book to all of them! The book is very simply written and quick to read, which works great for parents who are at their wit's end but don't have much time to read. It also had some good "real-life" examples in it. I greatly enjoy the creative metaphor of the tool box - it is a great visual for current struggling parents but also for those who have not reached the teenage years yet!   Bethany Keck, MSW, Program Coordinator and clinician for the New Milford Office, Family & Children's Aid of Danbury, CT

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